Jesus is God

I agree with Selwyn; ‘What a staggering thought it is that the carpenter of Nazareth is one with the Father – God in human form.’  It’s a great verse, ‘protect them by the power of your name – the name you gave me – so that they may be one as we are one.’ As Selwyn mentions, there are some people who consider that the words, ‘as we are one’, means one in purpose and not one in essence.

And, as Selwyn has recorded – “when Jesus said, (John 10:30), ‘I and the Father are one.’ the men who actually heard these words, nearly two thousand years ago, understood Jesus to be claiming equality with God and picked up stones to stone Him.”

So, wouldn’t it be strange not to correct their intrepretation – all He needed to say, ‘All, I meant was, one in purpose, you can drop the rocks.’ Yet, He didn’t say anything like that because their intrepreation was correct.

Do you rejoice that because Jesus is God, together with His sacrifice on the cross, His  loving actions provide us with a safe and sure access from here to eternity?