Judas the thief

I agree with the view expressed by Selwyn, in the following two sentences: ‘The matter becomes even more complex if we decide Judas was a pretender because then we are forced to ask why Jesus chose him to be a disciple. Why would Jesus select someone He already knew would betray Him?’

We know that it is clear from Scripture that Judas was dominated by the devil.

One possibility, my own personal view, is that Judas did know that Jesus was special – he had seen the miracles! He may have wanted Jesus to become an earthly king of a Jewish empire and he, Judas, would have an opportunity to become the treasurer of a very wealthy king. Jesus talking about His approaching death may have been the exact opposite to what Judas had in mind.

Perhaps, he came up with the idea of betraying Jesus, as a way of forcing events to fall in-line with his agenda; when this did not work then it’s one possible explaination for why he threw the money away – and, his subsequent suicide.

Judas’ betrayal demonstrated a basic lack of a loving relationship with Jesus. He played the role of Satan, by perhaps wanting Jesus to follow a path which did not take Him to the cross. He wanted Jesus to follow Judas’ own agenda and attempted to go against God’s will – is this a temptation that we all need to be careful of?