Why are we not more hated?

Selwyn continues his study on the world’s hatred of Christians. His central verse is; ‘Do not be surprised, my brothers, if the world hates you.’ (1 John 3:13)

In my view, there are two key sentences in today’s study: ‘The world never hates the imitation of Christianity, the spurious and the false, but it hates the real thing – inevitably.’ and, ‘Self-centred moral people, who rest on their own laurels, hate Christ because they sense that He is going to condemn their prideful self-effort and call them to trust in Him.’

I agree with Selwyn, that one of the main reasons why the world hates us, is because we hold up a mirror which shows that no one can be santified if  they don’t believe in the sacrificial death of Jesus (and the success of His sacrifice as shown by His resurrection). It is a question of pride – a pride that tells their inner being that they are basically good people and they don’t need help from anyone. This self-deception produces an inner tension which always results in anger and fear – what do you think?

Hatred can be expressed in many ways – just look at the number of shows on TV, or articles in the newspapers, which attempt to throw doubt on basic Christian beliefs, around the Easter period!