A change of citizenship

Selwyn makes an important point when considering John 17:16, ‘They are not of the world, even as I am not of it.’

Further on, he provides these coments; ‘ … because of their relationship with Christ they had experienced a change of citizenship. Just as Christ belonged to the eternal kingdom, so did they. Because of their allegience to Him they had been given a new passport, so to speak, that brought them under a new authority and into a new culture and a new kingdom.’

It is sometimes the case that we do display ‘failings’ that belong to our previous culture. It’s important not to give up and become too discouraged when that happens.

Jesus loves you and will always be there to guide you back to the path which leads to your new kingdom – whenever you lose your way. I’ve experienced His loving influence a number of times which has helped me to focus my actions and follow Him closely after becoming ‘lost’ – have you had similar experiences?