What are we to believe?

Today, Selwyn considers whether we should believe our feelings or God’s word as contained in the Bible.

His main thought can be summarised, as follows: “Over the years, whenever my feelings have contradicted the Word, I have learned to say, ‘God, it’s my feelings I need to disbelieve, not Your Word. What I see in Your Word is fact. Inevitably so.”

I don’t think it’s coincidental that the authenticity and veracity of the Bible is being questioned in so many forums. Recently, we have had the gospel of Judas, probably a third century Gnostic writing (Gnostic – sects based on the theme of the possession of superior, special and esoteric knowledge of spiritual things) – the whole idea that God would hide truth from us and separate us into groups based on special knowledge is in conflict with the revelation of God as described in the Bible. In addition, just as Judas was a tool of Satan, so too, are these Gnostic gospels – today – they are being used by Satan to confuse, deceive and divide.

Media discussion on the gospel of Judas has led some to ask – what should we believe? It’s clear that we are in an age where this sort of attack will escalate; and the way to counter these attacks is to study the real thing (the Bible), so that you can identify all the counterfeits, with the help of His Holy Spirit – do you agree?