The big picture

I can’t really add much, to Selwyn’s fine words for today, being Good Friday.

“Before the creation of the world, the one and only great God decided to have a people for Himself who would be His joy through time and eternity. … (Jesus) came to earth because God had handed over to Him the people whom He had foreordained in eternity, and said, in effect. ‘Make them a people in whom I can have the greatest pleasure.’

The Lord Jesus Christ came from heaven to do just that. This is the whole purpose of His incarnation, His temptation, His agony in the garden, His death on the cross, His resurrection. … Jesus died, not just so that we could have our sins forgiven, but so that He could live His life in us and through us (so that you and I might give God pleasure).”

All that is ‘outside’ this big picture is what continues to cause Jesus to suffer, until the day He returns – do you agree?