Forsaken by all

I agree with Selwyn, that ‘Christ knew His disciples would forsake Him, but He knew also that despite their fear, their hesitancy, their denials and their doubts, deep down in their hearts they would want to believe that what He said about coming back from the dead would happen.’ Jesus also knew that after Pentecost that His Holy Spirit would enable them to better understand God’s plan and hence be in a position of strength, to tell others about the good news.

As is often the case, Selwyn summarises his thoughts best in today’s prayer: ‘O God, how thankful I am that something has been deposited in me by You that will eventually rise to the surface even in the most critical of situations. Doubts are temporary but faith is permanent. All honour and glory be to Your name. Amen.’

All of us will go through periods when doubts will arise; especially in times of crises, and more so, when ‘bad things happen to good people’. But, as Selwyn mentions, deep down there’s that deposit of love which binds us, as a child to our Father’s care – it’s a process of building a relationship that’s based on trust, which supports us even in those times when we don’t fully understand what’s going on around us. What do you think?