The devine equation

Today, Selwyn considers Jesus’ next statement, as recorded in John 17:18, ‘As you sent me into the world, I have sent them into the world.’

I like this comment made by Selwyn: “Our Lord was sent by the Father for the express purpose of being His representative in the world. If Christ had not come then we would never have known the plans that lay in God’s heart for us.”

As re-told this Easter, Jesus has completed His earthly mission – He has lived, died and risen as His part of the devine equation. It’s now our turn to undertake the same mission, in our own individual and unique way – as determined and planned by Jesus before the beginning of time.

It’s our choice to accept our mission – to say, “Send me.” To pick up our own cross and follow in His footsteps; or we can pretend that we never heard His call – remain silent and live our life according to our independent agenda. I know that it’s not an easy choice – to step outside our comfort zone – but, I also know that He will always guide us through hard times and be there to help us keep on track – because, He intensely loves us.