United in love

Selwyn summarises one of one most important Christian messages: ‘ … (to)¬†¬†recognise that God loves us in the way He loves Jesus. People in the world need to see that we are sustained by that love, empowered by that love, and united by that love. This is what will impress them and be a witness to them. The more we are seen by the world to be dependent rather than independent, the more it will be affected by the gospel. Nothing can be of greater importance than this. This is the unity – the complete unity – that will shake the world.’

And, the opposite is true; when the media portrays disunity and sin within ‘the Church’ the less the world is impressed by our message and the more they turn away and seek the truth from different quarters.

Yet, we have been warned about this specific outcome during the ‘end of times’ – I feel that the world will only be shaken when Jesus returns – what do you think?