Back to the future

The study fore the next two months (May & June 2006) is called, ‘A Fresh Look at the Church’, and Selwyn, in his introduction, has this to say; ‘My prayer is that it (this study) will result not only in you appreciating more than ever the many different features of the Church, but also that the part God has designed for you to play in its function will become clearer and more sharply focused than ever before.’

Two statements in the study for today, stand out: one, ‘One theologian who made an in-depth study of the differences between the Church of the first century and the Church of today said, “The more I study the Early Church, the more I am convinced that we are desperately in need of a return to first principles and the ethos of the Acts of the Apostles.”‘ And the second is this; ‘It is my conviction that every local church would do well to study the Acts of the Apostles with a view to identifying how far we have drifted from first principles.’

What do you think – has the Church of today drifted too far from where we should be – or is it more of changing to remain relevant to our times ?