The Great Contemporary

I like the following sentence; ‘What Jesus began in the Gospels is continued in Acts. The Saviour had not finished when He ascended on high and returned to the royal throne. Through the Holy Spirit, He continues ministering in the lives of those committed to Him.

Selwyn’s prayer, again points to his view, that the Church has drifted away from its ‘correct’ position: “O Jesus, I am so thankful that the ministry You began when You came to this earth continues still. But I long that this age should become as aware of You as were the men and women of that first century. Help us dear Saviour. Amen.”

I’m with Selwyn on this issue, the single mindedness (unity)  & commitment of the early followers of the Way as described in Acts, is not often seen today; the Christian ‘light’ is not as bright as it was when first lit – do you agree?