A ten-day prayer meeting

I think it’s important to note that while we may often pray as individuals, and have some time set aside for general prayers during a Sunday service/mass – it’s quite rare for a community to join together constantly in prayer.

As Selwyn points out (when considering Acts 1:12-26) ‘ … that the apostles, together with over 100 of Christ’s followers (including Mary – the mother of Jesus), joined together constantly in prayer.’

The few times, you do see a community at prayer, is at times when a significant (local) disaster has occurred.

Yet, today the world is in a constant state of fear and darkness: somewhere in the world there is terror, war, famine and disease on a scale which appears to be too great for many to comprehend – there is a sort of global blindness preventing people from seeing the size of these problems.

Therefore, I find Selwyn’s prayer for today to be particularly relevant: “O Father, I know that all great movements begin with prayer. But are things not being brought to birth because we, Your people, lack both persistence and power in prayer? Help us pray more earnestly, dear Father. In Jesus’ name. Amen.”