Why a Church at all?

There are a number of good statements in today’s study; this one is excellent – “Wherever there is a heart that is redeemed and beats in unison with the heart of Christ – there a part of the Church exists. The Church is people – people who share the love of Jesus.

But why is there a Church at all? Because Christ founded it. Deliberately He said, ‘On this rock I will build my Church.’ The Church was not the idea or invention of the disciples.”

Another statement I like is; “There are many reasons why the Church was established … But one of the chief reasons for the Church is to continue the work which Christ began. This is the exciting thing about Acts – it shows us that what Christ once did, the Church was now doing.” This statement begs the question – is the Church still doing Christ’s work on the same scale as what was being done back in the first century – as is described in Acts?

In regard to today’s prayer -  I have a different view to Selwyn, when he expresses the idea in his prayer that because of the present-day Church’s lack of faith and courage that God’s hands are tied and His power limited – I believe that God’s will and love will prevail over our ignorance, blindness or laziness, such that His power is never limited – do you agree?