The true euphoria

What’s your answer to Selwyn’s two personal questions, as follows: “Does your contact with the Holy Spirit produce in you feelings of exuberance, exhilaration and infectious joy? Has anyone ever decided that because of your commitment to Christ you are mad or you are drunk?”

I’m of the opinion that if you can’t answer – ‘Yes, yes, yes.’ for the first question then you would have to reflect on the possibility that you are not a follower of Jesus!

The other area of today’s study – which is a good example of a heart’s response to the Holy Spirit, is this section: “Peter stood up on the Day of Pentecost to explain to the crowd that what they were witnessing was not a euphoria produced by alcohol: rather, he and the others were all under the influence of God’s Holy Spirit. As he proceeds to expound the truth about Christ, His death, resurrection and ascension, and the outpoured Spirit, people suddenly cry out, ‘What shall we do?‘ (Acts 2:37). Within a short time 3,000 souls are added to the Church.”

The prayer for today is a good summary: “O God, drive out every fear that hinders my willingness to be fully controlled by You. Whet my appetite for You and Your Holy Spirit. I long to be alive to You, intoxicated by You, filled with You. Please grant it, my Father. In Jesus’ name. Amen.” (Are you willing to suffer the accusation of being either mad or drunk for the sake of being empowered by God’s Holy Spirit so that you can effectively undertake the tasks God has prepared for you to do?)

Today, is part of the problem the lack of good teaching on the role of the Holy Spirit, especially in the more traditional sections of the Church?