‘This is My image’

I must admit that I’m somewhat saddened after reading Selwyn’s words over the past few days – perhaps there is more evidence of the work of the Holy Spirit with people in China and Africa than what we see in the western world?

Again, Selwyn has summarised well, the state of the modern westen Church (I know there are isolated exceptions): ‘God is concerned that in every age He should have people on earth who show the world what He is really like. He wants to say to every generation, “This is My image.” He longs to indwell us and endue us in this century in the same way that He indwelt the Early Church. A Holy Spiritless Christianity does nothing for anyone; nothing for the Church and nothing for the world.

Perhaps there is no more severe condemnation of the Church of today than this: we are not as open to the energising ministry of the Spirit as were our brothers and sisters of the last century.’

Can you tell me how the Holy Spirit has been working in your life – to encourage, all of us, that there is still a ‘pulse’ to be found in our Church?