The best training ground

Selwyn continues to consider the way early church members gained their knowledge and grasp of Scripture.

In today’s reading (Acts 7:1-16), we have the first part of Stephen’s speech to the Sanhedrin – having been falsely charged with blasphemy by men who ‘could not stand up against his wisdom or the Spirit by whom he spoke.’ (Acts 6:10). Notice how Stephen uses Scripture to defend himself.

Selwyn’s view, is that this understanding of Scripture, comes after a lengthy period of learning and listening.

His view, can be best summarised by his own words, as follows: “Men and women are best prepared for future service by being involved in church life. Bible colleges are good, but they are no substitute for experiencing Christ in the community of the Church. When you meet the men mentioned above (Stephen, Philip, Simeon, Agabus and Silas) a few years later, they will be towering spiritual giants. These men were shaped by Christian community – the best training ground I know.”

Do you agree with this view?