Another urgent need

I agree with Selwyn there are too many liberal ministers, who’s words are getting too much of the media’s attention, without some sort of balanced adjudication.

As stated in today’s study: “The Early Church, as we are seeing, was a Church devoted to the apostles’ teaching. Those first Christians were eager to learn, and gave themselves wholeheartedly to the task of assimilating the truth and principles which were expounded by the apostles.

The apostles’ teaching has come down to us in its definitive form in that section of the Scriptures which we call the New Testament. In these days when there are so many liberal ministers occupying our pulpits, one of the most urgent needs is to recover an understanding of the authority of the apostles. … What is tragic about some sections of today’s Church is that they have lost all sense of biblical authority.’

While I have no difficulties with whole-hearted debate about the authenticity of Scripture or the meaning of various verses; I’m of the view that those who challenge the traditional understanding of Scripture are being given more credit than the available evidence supports, that is, many ‘liberal’ views are often just subjective conjecture. What’s your view on this issue (biblical authority)?