Real community

In today’s study, Selwyn moves on to consider another distinctive of the Early Church: a deep sense of community and fellowship.

I’ll repeat a fair bit of what Selwyn writes about this topic, because on looking forward it’s a topic, which will be looked at over the next few days.

The Greek word ‘koinonia’ (pronounced coin-own-ia) used in Acts, is often translated as ‘fellowship’, and has the same usage/meaning as ‘community’. Its use, “indicates living together as one family and having things in common. The coming of the Holy Spirit produced in the lives of the early Christians a spirit of oneness and unity that was quite remarkable. Prior to Pentecost there was no real sense of fellowship among God’s people.

There was friendship, consideration, even love, but no deep sense of unity and oneness. Only when the Holy Spirit was living in them could they be drawn together into the kind of fellowship that can be achieved in no other way. Once we belong to Christ then we belong to everyone else who belongs to Christ. 

I feel a little sad that many modern-day Christians do not have the same concept of fellowship as did those first Christians.”

I’ll go further – I think that many modern-day Christians try to live their lives without surrending (100%) their will to the Holy Spirit thereby preventing the Holy Spirit from enabling them to enter into the depth of fellowship, referred to by Selwyn.

The main verse (1 John 1:7) for reading and meditation; ‘But if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship with one another … ‘; perhaps reflects back on us, the judgment that we may not fully ‘walk in the light’ – if we don’t have/practise fellowship with each other!

In my view this is an extremely important issue because if we don’t engage in fellowship within our own local Church community – then it’s less likely that we will have fellowship with other Christian Churches locally and so on, up to the national and global levels. If, we don’t shine as one – then, we as a group will not stand-out as an example to the rest of the world & and we will not reach our full potential. God’s will is always done but to our loss it will often be a solo effort on His part!

What’s your view?