In constant review

Selwyn continues with his discussion on ‘the deep sense of community and fellowship’, evident in the Early Church.

He states that he believes that ‘many in the contemporary Christian Church do not know the rich, deep fellowship experienced by the first-century Christians. Anyone, … can see that there is a world of difference between the way the Early Church lived and the way we live today.’

The position he reaches is: “In attempting to restore the Church to its original purpose and spirit, we modern-day Christians must be our strongest critics.”

Do you agree that the Church of today, needs restoration?

I agree, in part, with Selwyn; that we must constantly reflect on where we are ‘at’, and then make a judgment regarding our position – are we still on track and heading in the right direction – yet, we should undertake this internally analysis without causing long term divisions or splits within the body of Christ. (This does not mean that that we should retain heretical groups within our community.)