Are you a ‘good’ Christian?

Selwyn continues his study on unity in the Early Church. He states that; “A unity was created by the Spirit that was quite phenomenal. At least four aspects of this unity can be observed oin the Church that was established on the Day of Pentecost. The first unity, of course, was unity with God. If there is no unity with God then disharmony spreads itself all down the line of human relationships. … The consciousness that God is working in and through you, thinking in and through you, is one of the greatest cures for inferiority and fear that I know.”

It’s my view that unity with God is the one and only unity – other aspects of unity are only manifestations of this God centred unity.

Selwyn’s second unity is unity among themselves. “Doubtless there were many strong personalities in the Early Church who were well able to express themselves, but in the atmosphere of the Spirit, self-centredness gives way to other-centredness.”

Where as, I see this unity as an outcome of having Jesus at our centre (displacing, our independent self)- driving our thoughts and actions, i.e. unity with God – which, can only result in harmonious relationships with others – what do you think?

“A good Christian has been defined as ‘one who gets along well with others according to Jesus Christ’. How many of us, I wonder, are ‘good’ Christians?” What’s your answer?

In summary, Selwyn’s prayer for today, captures the essence of our ‘unity’: “Father, help me understand that unity is not something I create; You have already created it through Christ and the Holy Spirit. Help us to stop trying to make unity, and simply surrender to it. In Jesus’ name. Amen.”