The result of unity

Selwyn continues his discussion on unity, going into detail on a third unity: ‘unity in their (the Early Church) attitude to material possessions’.

“The unity of the Spirit resulted in a unity of economic interests and goods. Today some Christians attempt to create the ‘koinonia’ by getting together in a community and voluntarily sharing their possessions. But the sharing of possessions was not the cause of the ‘koinonia’ – it was the result of it.”

This, I think, is a very good point – unity with/in Jesus results in sharing & fellowship; but sharing our possessions with others, does not in itself bring about unity with God. That is, with God this deep level of community sharing is possible – attempts by people to achieve this outcome by their own endeavors is impossible!

Selwyn’s fourth unity is ‘the unity of all races’. His concluding sentence is exact and to the point: ‘In Christ all racial prejudice has been laid to rest – for ever.

If you demonstrate prejudiced (religion, race, economic position, disability etc) in your thinking and action, regarding other people, then you don’t have unity with God – do you agree?