The Church as bread

Today, Selwyn makes reference to another verse (Acts2:42): ‘They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching … to the fellowship, to the breaking of bread.‘  “The term ‘breaking of bread’ is almost certainly a reference to what we now call the Lord’s supper.  … The breaking of one loaf (of bread), practised by the Early Church, was meant to underline their unity as one Body. 

The Church, like bread, must be broken in God’s hands if it is to be of service to the world. All this, and more, was caught up in the simple but sacred act of the breaking of bread.”

I’m a bit perplexed as to what Selwyn may have been referring to when he says, that the Church ‘must be broken in God’s hands’ – does he mean that the Church needs to be humbled and broken into pieces, so that it can be scattered throughout the world – can you help – what’s your understanding of these words?