Is Church life dangerous?

The question for today’s Church is – to what extent is sharing-fellowship (koinonia) evident?

As Selwyn mentions: “While we thank God for those churches where true koinonia functions, there are far too many where backbiting, gossip, cliquishness and lack of consideration for others rules the day. How sad it is that in so many places hymns are sung and the Word of God is preached but koinonia is conspicuous by its absence.”

His prayer, is a prayer that should be heard in most Churches in the ‘western’ world.

“O God my Father, mould Your present-day Church into a living fellowship which transcends all race and class, and help us experience the unity that our brothers and sisters enjoyed long ago in that glorious first century. For Christ’s sake we ask it . Amen.”

What can we do to promote the same fellowship and sharing within our respective Christian communities, as seen in the Early Church?