Paul learns to pray

As I’m in total agreement with Selwyn on the subject of prayer – there’s not much to add.

I really like the following: ‘(The apostle) Paul, who without doubt became one of the greatest prayer warriors of all time, learned to pray from the first moments of his conversion. Granted, his conversion was powerful and dramatic, but the point need to be made nevertheless that the very first thing a new convert must do following his or her conversion is to learn to pray. Where and how we learn to pray is not important; what is important is that we do it, for without prayer there can be no onward march of progress in the Christian life.”

Our Christian life is measured by the type of relationship we have with Jesus – and, all good relationships must have at their core – communication – based on love and trust. If, we don’t pray, then we don’t have a relationship with God – simple!

There are some people who pray with a shopping list in their hand; others, pray as if God is some sort of genie who will spoil them by delivering what they want – especially if they are good; these attitudes demonstrate the type of relationship they want from God.  Perhaps not a relationship which lasts – what do you think?

Again, the prayer for today is great: “My Father and my God, let this note go ringing through my soul today: my prayer moments are my greatest moments. Help me to empty my hands of all those things that are unessential so that I might take a stronger grip on prayer. In Jesus’ name. Amen.”