Locked in and locked out

Today, Selwyn continues on the great topic of prayer and refers to Peter’s release from prison, Acts 12:1-19.

“When some of the Christians in Jerusalem heard that Peter had been imprisoned, they immediately went to the house of Mary, the mother of Mark, and began to pray. They prayed with great fervour and concern – so much so that God sent an angel into the prison to expedite Peter’s escape.”

Upon his escape – he goes to Mary’s house – the reception is probably not what he expected – in her excitement, the servant girl leaves Peter on the wrong side of the locked door and runs to tell the others & they respond: ‘You’re out of your mind,’ (Acts 12:15).

Selwyn, summarises the reaction of those ‘who were earnestly praying to God for him (Peter)’ Acts 12, verse 5, as follows: ‘How strange that those who had gathered to pray found it hard to believe that God had actually answered their prayers. Strange, but yet quite normal for saints! I’m extremely glad God hears and answers those prayers that so often are mixed with unexpectancy and doubt.’

Today, another great prayer: ‘Father, I am so grateful; that You answer my prayers even when You foresee that I am going to react with incredulity and surprise when the answer comes. Thank You for Your steadfast love and faithfulness. Where would I be without it? Amen.’