Power breaks through

Selwyn makes a very important point, and one which I entirely agree with, is that we don’t pray enough!

This point is emphasised in the following sentences taken from today’s study: “It might sound a simplistic diagnosis to some, but in my opinion the main reason why the Church of today does not experience the same degree of power at work in its midst as did the Early Church is because it does not give the same amount of time to prayer. … When we pray a little then a little of God’s power breaks through; when we pray a lot then a lot of His power breaks through. It is as simple as that.”

The prayer is also excellent and worth repeating here: “O God, show me again that the reason why You want Your Church to pray is not to bring Your purposes in line with ours, but to bring our purposes in line with Yours. Forgive us that we so easily forget that. In Jesus’ name. Amen.”

Our prayer is often, neither hot nor cold – it reflects the type of relationship that we, in general, have with Jesus, Our Lord: much of the prayers in Church are just mindless repetition of what has been printed many years ago – and other prayers just follow a standard recipe/structure – is it any wonder that many of our prayers appear to blow around like autumn leaves – a bit of a rustle but not much more. Thankfully, we have a God overflowing with compassion and He patiently leads us in the right direction – do you agree?