The key doctrine

Selwyn introduces another distinctive of the Early Church: ‘the emphasis which the believers placed on the Lordship of Christ‘, that is, Jesus is the one and only God. God of all creation - He created time and all that is.

I really don’t understand how any ‘true’ Christian could be confused about this issue; in regard to, ‘there are some who claim that it is possible for us to take Jesus as Saviour at the moment of our conversion and then receive Him as Lord at a later stage … ‘. Those who hold to this type of belief, obviously don’t have a relationship with the Holy Spirit – that is, they have not been baptised!

As Selwyn states: ‘The recognition that Jesus Christ is God (and therefore Lord of all) is the one and only door into salvation. We could never have been saved by the intervention of a created being, such as an angel (or a very good man, my inclusion). It took God to save us. And without this admission – that Jesus is the Lord – there is simply no way into the kingdom of God.’

It is the mark of the Anti-Christ to attack this key doctrine. That’s why books like the Da Vinci code are so popular in our time – it’s what many itching ears want to hear – do you agree?