The greatest of all rooms (they were all together in one place)

As it is Pentecost Sunday, Selwyn pauses to meditate on Acts 2:1, ‘When the day of Pentecost came, they were all together in one place.’

What Selwyn writes for today’s study is excellent – and I can add nothing to it – the best, I feel, is this:

“Let me urge you on this Pentecost Sunday to open your heart to all that God has for you. Has the fire in your heart died down? Are you just drifting in your Christian life rather than walking hand in hand with the Lord through every hour of every day? Are you conscious that your spiritual life is becoming stale? Then confess your condition to the Lord right now and ask Him to touch your life once again and set your heart on fire. Pray this prayer with me:

O God, on this Pentecost Sunday breathe Your fire once again into my life. I confess my indolence and ask that You will touch me afresh. Holy Spirit, come and fill me to over flowing. In Christ’s peerless and precious name I ask it. Amen.”