The way to worship

Today’s study continues the analysis of the lack of a deep sense of the presence of divinity in the modern Church.

As Selwyn says: “We live in an age when God is being trivialised, not only by those we refer to as liberals, but by many who would describe themselves as evangelicals. From the pulpits of traditional churches, and the improvised pulpits of house groups, the Church is being subject to references to God that demean Him. I am not arguing that we should lose the sense of familiarity that flows from the relationship we have as a son or daughter with our loving Father. …

Is it not a tragedy that for all our biblical understanding, and all our claims about our experience of the Spirit’s power, in our churches we still present a God who is small enough to fit inside our tiny brains?”

I think that Selwyn’s question has hit the nail on the head – we want to understand what God is all about – to fit all the meaning of Scripture into our rational mindset – to fully explain God’s mind. Therefore, we need a very small and limited god to satisfy this need – such a small god does not generate reverence and awe – do you agree?