Today, Selwyn talks about escapism – which he describes ‘as a tendency to find relief in distractions’.

The one point I especially like from today’s study is: “Life outside the garden (of Eden) is not easy. As we have said, we can’t go back and we are not yet home. So what are we to do? We are to face the difficulties of life in the power of the Holy Spirit, move tpwards others with love, and prove the goodness of God in the midst of our problems.”

The prayer is also good: “O Lord, help me see that though I am not yet home, the thought of home spurs me forward when I fell like giving up. May I not cling to this hope to avoid my problems but to renew my soul in order to deal with them better. In Christ’s name I pray. Amen.”

One of my main criticism of many people in the church today is their fixation on the end times. A news story about some major disaster is almost met with joy in the sense that they see the event as one more proof that it is really the end-times. It reminds me of those people who are forever watching the clock at work – wishing it nearer to the time they leave – their productivity is usually lower than those who are fully focused on the work at hand. I don’t think I’m going to miss out on Jesus’ return just because I’m working in the harvest field! What do you think about these clock-watchers?