God in His own community

Now we move onto Selwyn’s eight life conviction: ‘the most important issue in the universe is that of relationships’.

While I’ve been a little luke-warm in regard to some of the earlier convictions of Selwyn; this one is right at the top of the list as far as I’m concerned.

Our whole life’s journey is based on the type of relationship we have with Jesus, our Lord and God. The relationship we develop in this life determines the type of eternal life we will enjoy or suffer after we die. Do you agree?

The last part of Selwyn’s study for today is worth repeating as I think it covers one of the most important truths that needs to be taken into our heart and mind: “Broughton Know made this statement in his book (The Everlasting God) which, when I read it, brought about one of the greatest changes in my thinking I have ever experienced: ‘We learn from the Trinity that relationship is the essence of reality … and therefore the essence of our existence.‘ Up until that moment I had always believed that the ultimate reality was truth. But I came to see that important though truth is, it is not the ultimate reality. Truth is propositional (meaning – something to be considered, accepted, adopted, or done); relatinship is personal.

When you touch the heart of the universe you touch not simply an idea, a law or even a thought. You touch a God who relates. There is warmth, not just wonder, at the heart of the Trinity – the warmth of interpersonal relationships.”

For me, this is one of the most wonderful characteristics of our God – that He is willing to relate to us – and has demonstrated this aspect of His character in the person of Jesus. Many other religions have a view of God which is so distant from His creation that they can’t understand how it would be possible to have a relationship with such a being.

What’s your view on this particular conviction?