Selwyn makes a few good points:

  • ‘The best way in which we, the people of God, can reflect the nature of God here on earth is in the way we relate.’
  • ‘A good relationship exists when we are using our resources for the (spiritual) wellbeing of others.’
  • ‘God created (and then recreated) us to relate well to Him and relate well to others. He meant us first to enjoy Him and then to reflect His character by giving ourselves unselfishly to one another.’

He then says: ‘However, something has gone wrong. Most of us have to admit that we are far more concerned about ourselves than we are about others.’

I think one of the main reason why we fail in this area is that we try to relate well to each other by using our own natural abilities. We cannot love each other in the same way that God loves us without calling on the power of the Holy Spirit.

Our natural way is to help those who in turn can help us – there is an expectation that if we are nice to people then they will respond by allowing us or helping us to obtain what we want – there is an implicit ‘pay-back’ arrangement. I’m convinced that many of the poor relationship between Christians is caused by a lack of dependence on the Holy Spirit’s power – they would rather apply “Dr Phil’s” earthly wisdom and become self-reliant in their relationships than be led by the Holy Spirit (for fear they might be led to a place they don’t want to go). Do you agree?