The best X-ray

This is the last study on Selwyn’s eighth life conviction: that the matter of relationships is a key issue in the universe; today, he lets us know that this conviction has deepened over the years.

He makes an interesting observation: “All biblical history is a record of God calling individuals and communities of peoples to a relationship with Himself because that is the supreme purpose of life.” This point appears to be missed by many people. I’m often surprised by those who say; ‘Oh, I’m a Christian but I see no need to meet with other Christians to worship God, or to pray or for fellowship.’ The Bible is full of stories about relationships. In many cases there are layers of relationships: – between God and man; man’s individual response to God and how that influences his relationship with his family, with his community and his nation. Many of Jesus’ parables highlight the importance of these various relationships – so how can you follow him and not be a member of His flock?

I also agree with this statement: “Almost every problem we have in life (if it is not biological/illness) will stem from a difficulty in relationships – our relationship with God, with others or with ourselves. Our relationships probably give the best X-ray of the condition of our soul, for our true dedication to God will show itself in the way we relate to Him, to others and to ourselves.

Yesterday, I went to a funeral – and the one thing that stands out in my mind is just what a relational creature re are – at the funeral I saw, at first hand - a demonstration of what happens when a relationship ends because of death. As Selwyn says: ‘we are not mechanical beings – we are personal, made in God’s image. That means there is always something going on between ourselves and others.’ Everyone at that funeral was expressing an emotion which reflected the sudden ending of various types of relationships: parents and child, relations, childhood friends, work colleagues, neighbours and friends. The funeral service also highlighted that some relationships are eternal. it’s this belief and faith which should encourage us to reflect His attitude towards us - in doing His work to bring others into this eternal relationship with a loving God.

Do you agree that you can’t be an ‘isolated’ Christian, by choice?