Learning from everything

Sadly, I have, like Selwyn met people who have never move on from some tragedy that has occurred. A death of a child or a close friend has never been resolved – such that they are locked in a circular prison – by the key, ‘but, why God, why ,,,’

As usual, Selwyn captures the theme in the opening paragraph: “The first thing we must do, as we said yesterday, is to accept what has happened. Sadly, some people who suffer a crushing bereavement never come to terms with it in their hearts. They cannot summon their loved one from the dead, and they remain full of bitterness. They envy the happiness of others and resent the good health which bad people seem to enjoy. … All forms of envy and bitterness hinder God’s ability to work (at that point in time).”

He goes on to say: “The second step is this: be ready to learn whatever you might need to learn from the experience or situation. … Trouble has a way of highlighting our attitudes, and if the trouble reveals unspiritual ones then thank God for the opportunity to put matters right.”  Does anyone have a different view?

Looking forward to the next issue for Nov/Dec 2006 – Surprised by God – “In this issue Selwyn looks at the theme Surprised by God. Although we are encouraged to live by faith and not by sight. God occasionally breaks into our lives in surprising and dramatic ways.”

If you are not able to obtain a copy – let me know and I will see what I can do – remember, you can download the first week, from the CWR web site.