This is the last day of Selwyn’s reflection on his tenth life conviction: “everything that happens to us – good, bad or indifferent – contributes to life if we know how to use it (by the power of the Holy Spirit).”

The Scripture set down for reading and meditation is Matthew 13:47-58, which covers the time when Jesus returned to his home town of Nazareth but choose not to help people there because they did not believe that He could help them. They knew Him as a carpenter’s son and not as the Son of God and this view of Jesus blocked their ability to believe that he could do miracles. I think it’s important to understand that in no way did their view block the power of God – God choose to act, based on the faith of the people who asked for help. He could have acted anyway He liked, independent of their beliefs/faith! 

Selwyn’s conclusion captures some of this: “We too can gain from the adversities of life if we accept situations without bitterness, learn whatever it is necessary to learn from them, and have faith in God’s power to transform everything. But remember, we must work with God towards the desired end. God is able to reveal His purposes to a receptive mind in a way He cannot (don’t agree that ‘He cannot’ – more a case that He chooses, not to) to the unreceptive.”

Do you agree?