I like the emphasis Selwyn makes that we should first look at understanding God’s glory which will then enable us to better focus on what’s important in our lives: “In his book, Finding God, Larry Crabb makes the point that Christians have been busy (albeit unconsciously) reducing God to someone useful – a power whose reason for existence is to make our lives more personally satisfying.

In every Christian’s heart there is a desire to know God, but all too often it is not so that we might bring Him glory but so that we might gain some benefit for ourselves … This preoccupation with self-esteem has to be resisted, not because self-esteem is unimportant, but because the way to experience it is not through self-effort but through a close encounter with God … we will find that the more we hold God in esteem, the more we hold ourselves in esteem.”

I’m often surprised by how ‘small’ some appear to have made Jesus – many seem to think He is a person closer in nature to us than to God. Perhaps this view of Jesus is less confronting than to see Him as the creator of all that we know!

Jesus – as He is now – in His glorified form – is as John describes Him in Relevation 1:12-17, where we read in verse 17: ‘When I saw Him, I fell at His feet as though dead.’

The relationship we develop with Him now dictates what sort of relationship we will have with Him after we die – something to reflect upon – do you agree?