Giving all to God

Selwyn’s message is excellent: “People who struggle with the concept of deferred satisfaction, in other words, learning to wait (especially, in regard to intimate relations being deferred until marriage), ought to take another look at the contestants who prepare for sports events – especially the Olympic Games.”

His conclusion, contains an important lesson and has a broader application then just learning to wait: “The Christian message teaches us that God came to this world in the Person of His Son in order to set up a rescue mission to save us from everlasting hell. If we believe that Jesus is God’s Son (and, that His death and resurrection proves that He has completely paid the penalty for our sins), we are saved, but not that we might sit back and indulge ourselves in the thought. We are saved to serve. If non-Christians can deny themselves present satisfaction for future gains and go to such lengths to win a prize (such as a gold medal at the Olympics), how much more ought we, who serve the risen Christ? Dare we stand by and watch them do for gold what we are not prepared to do for God?

If your participation in the service of God is restricted to an hour each Sunday, or less; then you are not following Jesus with all your heart, mind and soul – you have not given ‘all’ to God. Perhaps such people, who demonstrate a limited involvement in serving God, don’t fully believe in His saving work; yet, like to put a deposit on an ‘eternal insurance policy’ – just in case, the good news is true. Are these people saved from the fires of hell? What’s your view?