His name – our name

I’m sorry to those who have followed my posts, the past two months have been very difficult. I think the most difficult aspect of spiritual trials is that you imagine that your local Christian community would somehow sense that you are going through a difficult time and offer support and encouragement. Yet, I think all of us go through a Garden of Gethsemane experience, when our closest friends fall ‘asleep’, as we realise that this is the time to pick up our cross – and, all we are left with, is the hand of God; it’s then we realise, that’s all we need. His love is sufficient.

I liked the following in today’s study: “We come now to the last day of our studies on the theme of God’s revelation of Himself through His names, and also to the last day of another year. What a tremendous note on which to end our studies: (Revelation 22:4) ‘They will see His face, and His name will be on their foreheads.’ Over the last weeks we have seen how God’s name reveal certain facets of His character, which are disclosed only when His people reach a significant new stage of development in their lives or enter an area of special need.… At this moment all the privileges of His name are ours – salvation, healing, cleansing, sanctification. But in eternity all these characteristics instead of being available to us, will become an integral part of us because when we see God, we shall be like Him (I john 3:2).”

Tomorrow – is a new year – the world (I think), is worse off than a year ago – financial turmoil – western culture in a state of decline – it’s a time when we all should take a long, hard look at our relationship with Jesus – is it – what it should be?