‘The changing of the guard’

First off, I found it an interesting title, which Selwyn gave to today’s study – as it has only a little to do with the subject of today’s study: anger. In particular King Saul’s anger directed at David. [1 Samuel 18:1-9]

He writes: “As we have said that anger is usually the direct result of a goal being blocked, we need to ask: what was Saul’s goal? Probably the approval and commendation of his people. … David’s popularity was now blocking that goal – hence the arousal of his anger. …

If King Saul’s goal in life had been to please God, nothing could have blocked his goal, but because he was more interested in the praise of the people than in the commendation of God, he lost his way and ultimately lost his kingdom.”

The same is true for us; when we focus more on what other people think of usĀ  (and that is an issue to do with pride) – the less we will focus on God’s will for our lives. A simple truth; but so hard for many to understand and apply it to their own lives. Do you agree?