What became of sin?

Selwyn asks the question – what became of sin in our society? It’s a word that is rarely used in normal conversation or in media reports.

He concludes today’s study, as follows: “To ignore the reality of sin is dishonest. To tamper with the labels and call a serious thing by a light name is utter foolishness. We don’t make a deadly thing innocuous by giving it a different name. Poison is still poison – no matter what other label we give it.”

If we do not understand the seriousness of all sin, then we will not recognise the extreme sacrifice of Jesus on the cross for us; and, we will fail to experience the full freedom and victory over death, that divine forgiveness provides. Just one sin makes you an outlaw, a person who has crossed the line and trampled on God’s holiness – and there’s nothing you can do to make it ‘right’ with God; except to accept and believe in Jesus.

Any comments?