A new life – a new love

To Follow Jesus

My notes on Every Day with Jesus, written by Selwyn Hughes; revised and updated by Mick Brooks, published by CWR.

March/April 2016 Issue –  Straight from the Heart‘I have you in my heart … all of you share God’s grace with me’  Philippians 1:7

The text set for today’s reading and meditation:

Philippians 1:7  (NIVUK): ”It is right for me to feel this way about all of you, since I have you in my heart and, whether I am in chains or defending and confirming the gospel, all of you share in God’s grace with me.”

I thought that today’s study is particularly nice; the verse for today tells us a lot about what sort of man Paul was like.

This aspect is looked at by Selwyn and I thought this part was really good: “On the Damascus Road the life of God had come into Paul’s life and when God’s life comes in so does His love.

You cannot separate God’s life from His love, and neither can you separate God’s love from His life. When we receive Jesus’ life we receive also His love. Have you noticed this to be true?”

At the time when we first started to follow Jesus; we did so in response to what we believe He has done for us – saving us from eternal death by His sacrificial death on the cross – and our response is based on our love for our Lord and God. Consequently, our love for Jesus transformed our heart so that we look towards our family, friends and neighbours with the same type of love that flows into us from God.

Any thoughts?