If you were God …

Selwyn continues to look at the issue of suffering and pain.

A lot of our suffering is bought upon ourselves by our expressions of freedom – especially, our freedom to act independently of God’s will.

In these days, the use of words, like ‘free will’,  is of little value because these words now bring with them –  a  battered history of debate –  having been endlessly tossed around by theologians and philosophers.

Clearly, Adam and Eve had the ability to express their freedom to choose to eat the fruit – to disobey God.  I don’t think this post is the place, to present my views on our ability to express our freedom; and, the confusion caused by the underlying expression of many actions of life; which are based on preferences, born and developed, out of both our genes and parenting outcomes. A good summary of this, is: God made us different to animals – freedom of expression, is one aspect of that difference. [And, ‘No’, is my answer to anyone who wants to quote Romans 7:7-25, as a reason for our lack of freedom. It’s an example of Paul’s (Hebrew) rhetoric, to demonstrate an important point.  🙂 ]

As Selwyn writes in today’s study: ” … by giving us free will, God had to take the risk that we would misuse and misapply our freedom.” I also liked Selwyn’s quote regarding C. S. Lewis, in regard to Lewis’ response to the question: ” If you were God, would you make a man like a machine or with the freedom to choose?” Lewis replied: “I would do as God did.”

God could have made us to be like puppets – who faithfully followed – His every direction; and, He could have made this world a safer place, free of all accidents and disease.  This would have solved the problem of pain and suffering. So, then, why do you think that our life’s journey is not like heaven, on earth?